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Journal of the Unknown Blogger

Whacko of the Good Kind

The Unknown Blogger
18 June 1981
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Breaking news: unknownblogger at large

A great ape by the name of unknownblogger is at large in the city of Sydney tonight, after a daring escape from LiveJournal's high-security hosting facility.

The ape, a member of LiveJournal's elite blogging team, is believed to have been suffering from work-related stress. It is reported that the team of apes was half-way through Hamlet when unknownblogger delivered the famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy, defenestrated his typewriter, and exited stage right.

Police advise all citizens to be alert but not alarmed. If approached by a large hairy primate answering to unknownblogger, administer hugs.